It has been thirty years since the Strider of the Ebon Sarcophagus launched his failed attack against Chiaroscuro. Much has changed in Creation. The Ebon Dragon attempted to escape Malfeas in a complex scheme involving the Scarlet Empress. While his plan was thwarted by the reincarnation of the Riders, the Empress was killed in the attempt, as was Chejop Kejak.

Ayesha Ura and the Gold Faction have taken power in Yu-Shan, while civil war has consumed the Blessed Isle. Rogue Bronze Faction Sidereals have backed Mnemon for the throne, while the Gold Faction funnels clandestine support to Tepet Ejava, the Roseblack.

In the Threshold, Chiaroscuro stands as a glowing beacon of hope and prosperity, the seat of a new Exalted Deliberative that includes all the Exalted. But in the East, Ma-Ha-Suchi has spurned the Deliberative and leads his rapacious beastmen in sacking city after city. In the West, the Lintha pirates have risen under the leadership of a mysterious sorcerer, claiming their blood legacy is a holy war against the Exalted. In the deep South, rumors of strange new entities abound, metal men leading bands of alien warriors. And in the North, a new Deathlord has risen, leading armies of the frozen dead against Whitewall.

Exalted 2nd ed  the south by udon crew

With so many new threats, the Deliberative finds even its considerable reach strained. So it is that the next generation, young Half-Caste and God-Blooded chosen by the Deliberative, work to maintain peace in Chiaroscuro and around the world, while their elders strive to prevent all that is from being consumed. And yet, the true fate of Creation may well rest not with the eldest of the Exalts, but the youngest…

Exalted South: Crimson Sands

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