Exalted South: Crimson Sands

Session 3: The Crowfather

The adventurers make their way to see Grandmother Bright. They enter The Plaza and are invited to see her. There is something eerie around her – she appears as something supernatural that is simply wearing the shape of an elderly woman that doesn’t fit quite right. In the deep crevices and folds of her wrinkled skin, unnatural light shines though. Shimmering Mirage presents her with a trinket she had made as a gift in exchange for information.

Grandmother Bright listens, but seems tense when the description of the man who hired Ghost is given. She says she cannot directly reveal who the man is, but for a greater payment she can give information on Sethos’ rival that will lead the party to the information they seek. When asked for what they payment is, Grandmother Bright directs the party to seek out The Crowfather and asks they retrieve an item called The Amulet of Lost Souls from him. Everyone agrees, and makes arrangement to travel by caravan to the Crowfather’s home in the desert called “The Rookery.”

As they travel closer to the Rookery, the white of the sand turns into bones and soon the adventurers come upon the crow-infested domain. Shimmering Mirage attempts to greet the crows and they all greet her at once with a thousand screams saying hello.

Within the Rookery, the Crowfather anticipates the arrival of the party by consulting with his servant, Nekhbet the Creatrix, who is a Zenith Exalt of the Unconquered Sun and Nekhbet’s raiton familiar Muu. He asks her to go escort the others inside and to protect him. She meets the party at the gates and brings them inside. They try to bargain with the Crowfather and he immediately knows that Grandmother Bright sent them, and refuses to relinquish his treasure, which he wears around his neck and guards closely. He insists he won it fair and square and that she can’t have it back. When Sethos insist on arranging a trade, the Crowfather advises that he will only give it up if the party agrees to travel to the Underworld and create a Shadowland near the Rookery. The party refuses, and demands he ask something else in trade. The Crowfather says he will consider their request over night and dismisses them, but leaves Nekhbet to watch over them.

When alone with Nekhbet in the decrepit room they are given, Shimmering Mirage challenges her to a duel. When they fight, Nekbhet’s caste mark is revealed and Mirage immediately drops her weapon and surrenders, but lectures her on how shameful it is for a Solar to be a mere servant to a spirit. The group’s conversation with Nekhbet is interrupted when the Crowfather bursts in and says he will hand over the amulet if the party takes care of the “visitors” who are now advancing at the gate. Everyone agrees and goes out to defend the Rookery.

A death knight is marching up to the gates with his Nemissary servants and demands to speak with the Crowfather. He reveals that the Crowfather has been dealing with the Underworld and that gifts have been bestowed upon him in order to secure his cooperation, but the deathlord is tired of waiting and demands the Crowfather make his decision. The party informs the death knight that the Crowfather’s answer is “no” and engage in combat with him and his minions.

Nekhbet defeats the death knight herself, and the others vanquish his Nemessaries. As the death night lay with his throat slashed open they make an Unbreakable Vow with him that they will spare his life if he tells them all he knows. Part of the pact includes that he cannot harm them, and they cannot harm him. He agrees and they heal his wound. He reveals his name is The Snake Who Ate the Moon, and he and five others like him serve his deathlord. Shimmering Mirage is very disconcerted to see he has a bleeding caste mark that is very similar to Sethos’ own, as well as similar powers that also mirror his, but darker. The death knight doesn’t know why or how he was made, he exists to serve his deathlord. His deathlord wanted to seal an alliance with the Crowfather and use the Rookery to have access to the world above.

The death knight admits that if he returns to his master in defeat, the punishment will be severe. He offers to teach Necromancy to Nekhbet and Shimmering Mirage, and provide maps of the Underworld to Sethos if they will all promise to protect him from his deathlord’s retribution and give him access to a Shadowland as necessary. Sethos and Chenzira do not trust him or like this idea at all. They decide to all think about it more before making a final decision.

As they rest and deliberate what to do with the death knight, Shimmering Mirage sends an urgent message to the Silver Pact asking for their counsel, advising them of the death knight’s presence and seeking insight as to what he is.


SaffuranSomei Jehzavere

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