Arunika's Sifu


Zenith Caste Solar (Essence 4 or 5)

Terrestrial Styles Known: Terrestrial Hero Style, Golden Janissary Style
Celestial Styles Known: Snake Style, Solar Hero Style
Form Weapons: Unarmed, Fist Weapons, Hook Swords, Seven-Section-Staff, Spears
Charms of Note: Tiger-and-Bear Awareness, Tiger-and-Bear Unity
Past Lives of Note: Yoshiaki – The Unyielding Herald

Anima Banner: Scraps of parchment formed of a shimmering white light surround him as though blown by a strong breeze. Each piece is marked in Old Realm with scripture glorifying the Unconquered Sun.


Originally an enlightened mortal martial artist from the far south, Bel-Samu was well into his fifties before exalting. Having mastered the root of the perfected lotus, it was during a period of long asceticism when he was chosen by the Unconquered Sun. The events of the Reclamation drew him to Chiaroscuro where he founded the Resplendent Lotus school of martial arts. He has recently learned the First Age methods of initiating terrestrials into the bulb of the perfected lotus.


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