Eater of Chaos

Artifact 3

weapon (melee)

Wielded in the First Age by the Dawn Caste called Cataclysm, Eater of Chaos is an extraordinarily large blade, more than two yards long from pommel to tip. With numerous screaming faces in the flat of the blade, Eater of Chaos, when wielded by Cataclysm, could slice through warhorse and rider in a single blow.

Speed 5, Accuracy 3, Damage 11L/4, Defense 1, Rate 2, Tags 2,O,R, Attune 8m


Forged by the Sidereal craftsman Goro Okazaki, Eater of Chaos was smelted in streams of magma from Okeanos and hammered with a maul blessed by all five directional gods of war. During the Primordial War, it was gifted to Cataclysm, who used it to slay ten thousand demons in the first day he possessed it. Cataclysm used it to slay the Primordial that would become Whose Whispers Chain, slicing through both the Primordial and several mountains in a single stroke. When Cataclysm was finally dragged down by the countless hordes of the Dragon-Blooded host, the weapon was buried with him in a temple-manse in the West. However, the spirits of all the Four slept fitfully throughout the first part of the Shogunate, until eventually three were relocated to their collective tomb near Chiaroscuro, where Eater of Chaos has slumbered until this day.

Eater of Chaos

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