Murder of Crows

Artifact 2

weapon (melee)

Murder of Crows consists of a pair of soulsteel seven-jeweled peacock fans, cast in the shape of raven’s feathers that fold in on themselves when the fans are closed.

Speed 5, Accuracy 3 (5 against living things), Damage 5B/1L/2, Defense 3, Rate 3, Tags D,M,O, Attune 4m

As with all soulsteel weapons, any victim hit by Murder of Crows loses up to their wielder’s Essence in motes, to a maximum of the levels of damage dealt.


Murder of Crows was given to the Solar Exalted Nekhbet by the Crowfather, who was in turn given them as a bribe by the agents of the Sepulchral Pharaoh amid Stygian Dunes. Their history, though short, is bloody, and they have a malign hunger buried within them that demands pain.

Murder of Crows

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