The Amulet of Lost Souls

Artifact 3


The Amulet of Lost Souls is a soulsteel pendant shaped like a lantern or small cage, with panes of green glass. It is empowered to capture souls of the dead, duplicating the effects of the Labyrinth-circle Necromancy spell “Bauble of the Captive Soul” (Books of Sorcery, Vol. II – The White and Black Treatise, p. 36). However, in addition to being reusable, it also gives the bearer some power over the soul within. He treats all social attacks against the imprisoned soul as unnatural mental influence, and his MDV is increased by two against any social attacks from the soul trapped within. The Amulet can hold only one soul at a time, though the soul imprisoned within can be released at the bearer’s whim. The Amulet does not require any attunement, though mortals must spend a point of Willpower to capture a ghost.


Though its origins are unknown, the Amulet of Lost Souls predates the Contagion, likely forged sometime during the Shogunate by a necromancer or Deathlord. The Amulet was lost in a bet to the Crowfather, but thanks to the PCs, has been returned to Grandmother Bright. It currently contains the spirit of a long-dead necromancer, who could be cajoled, persuaded, or forced to teach its bearer some of the secrets of Shadowlands Circle Necromancy.

The Amulet of Lost Souls

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