Unending Thirst

Artifact 2

weapon (melee)

Unending Thirst is an orichalcum whip, woven of finely-crafted fibers into a flexible metal cable approximately four feet long. When it deals even a single level of damage to a target, that target immediately increases all deprivation penalties from thirst (see. Exalted, p. 129) by one. While this CAN kill a target, repeated lashing from the whip itself are more likely to speed the process along.

Furthermore, the wielder can use the whip to make a grapple attack using Melee instead of Martial Arts. This deals no damage, but can be used to restrain or “throw” a target as normal.

Unending Thirst (Melee)
Speed 4, Accuracy 2, Damage 2L/2, Defense 2, Rate 3, Tags D,R,O

Unending Thirst (Clinch)
Speed 6, Accuracy 2, Damage -, Defense N/A, Rate 1, Tags R


Crafted in the First Age, Unending Thirst was considered by its maker to be a disappointment, lacking the punch he had envisioned. Dreadful Wrath, however, found it worked spectacularly for her purposes, and she claimed the whip after the Primordial War. When she died, it was lost in the battle, only to be recovered decades later and buried in the central chamber of her tomb (rather than disturb her sarcophagus). Dreadful Wrath’s reincarnation opened the tomb but missed the central chamber, though his nemesis, Sharak Tyrrol, did not. Tyrrol stole the whip and used it to equip his bodyguard, a move that later saved his life. The bodyguard was not so fortunate, and now Sethos has reclaimed the weapon his First Age incarnation wielded.

Unending Thirst

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