Wrath and Redemption

Artifact 2 (Each)

weapon (melee)

Wielded in the First Age by the Scourge of Cythia, Wrath and Redemption are a pair of gleaming pistols, each with four rotating barrels. Wrath is crafted of soulsteel, while Redemption is shining orichalcum.

Speed 5, Accuracy 1 (3), Damage 8L/2 (10L/2), Rate 3, Range 50, Tags O, Attune 5

Speed 5, Accuracy 2, Damage 9L/2, Rate 3, Range 60, Tags O, Attune 5

Neither Wrath nor Redemption ever need ammunition. Though they shoot gouts of flame instead of bullets, they are not F-type weapons, and they do not follow the same range restrictions.


Forged during the Primordial War for the Scourge of Cythia, he used them to hunt down and murder the Primordial that, it is rumored, scarred him horribly. They have rested in his hands since the moment he was struck down during the Usurpation, until his reincarnation, Nekhbet the Creatrix, collected them more than a thousand years later.

Wrath and Redemption

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