Exalted South: Crimson Sands

Session 5: JUSTICE

The party travels to a seedy, dangerous part of Chiaroscuro to investigate the hooded shadow-figure who was seen working with Sharak Tyrrol. Chenzira and Shimmering Mirage are visibly armed; no one messes with them as they pass through.

When they get to the address Ghost had given, they see a hovel dimly lit with light. Mirage shifts into a cat to investigate and inside spies their target consulting with his dark master via a bowl of blood. The speaker in the bowl of blood indicates that they are being watched and Mirage escapes, but not before realizing that the hooded figure is possessed and being manipulated by some sort of spirit. She returns to the others and advises them of what she has seen.

They decide to storm the hovel, and Chenzira was the first to burst in, her caste mark glowing so that their target could not escape into shadows again. Nekhbet attempts to exorcise the spirit. As she is about to, however, the spirit seems to recognize her, and calls out her name and urges her to run. It’s then that a horde of shambling undead are unleashed upon them. In the distance a big, hulking creature arises – a terrible brute with a bloodied apron – and begins to make its way toward them.

Chenzira had subdued the hooded figure and was holding him captive, but it was clear her skills were needed elsewhere. She handed him off to Shimmering Mirage and went to fight the unholy beast. Sethos joined the fray and begin to mow down the walking dead as well, but not before obtaining a nasty bite from one.

As the others fought, Nekhbet began preparing a spell. She chanted over a lantern in her hand, and when her spell was finished it she opened it to release a swarm of locusts which began to decimate their opponents alone with Sethos’s blade.

Meanwhile, Chenzira was fighting the bloodied, hulking monster. Though he was a challenge, in the end he was no match for her massive blade Eater of Chaos or her martial prowess and he too was defeated.

Shimmering Mirage had been struggling with the hooded figure but at the fight’s end he ceased his attempts to escape and asked to speak to Nekhbet alone, claiming that he was her father. The Lunar did not believe him, but Sethos did not detect this to be a lie. After some debate they allowed her some time alone with him.

The ghost revealed that he was forcefully bound to serve his master, the Pharaoh, who had dark plans for Chiaroscuro. He warned Nekhbet that her mother served the Pharaoh faithfully and had been waiting for him on the other side. He said he wanted to help her, but was limited due to his forced bondage to the Pharaoh. He said that, perhaps, Necromancy could be used to free him, since it had been used to bind him – and that the Snake that Ate the Moon had been the one to do it.

Nekhbet informs the others of what she has learned, and the party convinces the ghost to write down what he has told him, admitting his involvement with Sharak Tyrrol so that they can present it to Iskaldur as proof. They decide to release him for now, and return to seek out Iskaldur.

Iskaldur is pleased with what they had found but requires more solid evidence to release Ghost and publicly convict Tyrrol. The party decides to journey to Sethos’ residence outside the city to recover and plan what to do next.

As they are training and recovering, a summons comes for Shimmering Mirage at the palace. To her delight it is her beloved mentor, Scar Fang, who has terrified the guards, as he is in warform. She greets him happily and invites him to accompany her to Sethos’ residence outside the city, where she introduces him to everyone. She lets him know that Sethos is “her” Solar and when her mentor looks less that impressed, suggests that they spar. Sethos accepts and Scar Fang promptly strips down to nothing (though still in warform) and challenges the Solar with nothing but his bare fists.

Though Shimmering Mirage expects Scar Fang to beat Sethos into a bloodied pulp, the Solar holds his own and even manages to impress the Full Moon Lunar. The fight ends with Scar Fang accepting him as worthy. Afterwards, they gather with Scar Fang to eat. Shimmering Mirage admits he came due to a letter she had written the Silver Pact after their encounter with the Snake that Ate the Moon, and he shares the following Lunar prophecy passed down from Ingosh Silverclaws:

The Fickle Lady shows me things, my friends. Terrible things. A time of tumult for all our kind. I see an empty throne and a rotting mountain corpse. An ancient prison throws open its doors, and a plague of locusts who walk like men descends on the land. The dead rise to become gods, and gods fall to become the dead. A great fire erupts in the South, greater than has ever been seen before. Five score is the number of dead princes. Two score and ten is the number of the green sun princes who break the world. May the Lady save us all!

The party then discusses how to proceed with handling the troubling situations that have been presented to them. They decide to deal with Tyrrol first, and they will raid his homes to find the evidence that Iskaldur needs.

The raid is planned to be two stages – while Tyrrol is at his residence outside of Chiaroscuro, the party enters his home in the city using their status as official police. While they find proof of his involvement in the criminal underworld, there is nothing about the assassination or the undead. They decide to go confront him in his outer residence.

The four mount their supernatural steeds and ride through the desert, fully-armored and cloaked after Sethos magnificently shouts to the desert sky, “WE RIDE!”

When they arrive at Tyrrol’s residence the guards demand to know what they are there for, and all Sethos says is “JUSTICE” while flashing the insignia of the secret police. Most of the guards flee into the desert in terror as they ride forward. Chenzira rides straight into the home’s door with her massive warhorse, breaking it down. The thugs inside are not so easy to frighten, and begin to attack them.

As the entire party fights, someone jumps at Sethos from the shadows. It is Tyrrol, and the two have a facedown. Sethos easily has the upper hand, and as Tyrrol lay dying and Sethos is about to pierce his heart with the final deathblow, Tyrrol melts into shadow at the last moment and appears a safe distance away. He has accepted the Black Exaltation from the Pharaoh.

The others are still fighting off thugs, and Tyrrol attempts to escape. He begins to run at a supernatural speed, and so Sethos mounts his steed again to give chase. However, Tyrrol’s God-Blooded guardian appears to hinder Sethos. Though Shimmering Mirage cleaves apart the God-Blooded with Atonement, the distraction was enough to allow Tyrrol to escape.

Chenzira and Nekhbet have destroyed the packs of thugs who were attacking and those who are not already in the corpse pile run away screaming. Shimmering Mirage retrieves the God-Blood’s weapon, an orichalchum whip, and the party goes to investigate the residence. There is plenty of damning evidence – including the skeletal remains of another secret police member, and a scrying bowl made of soulsteel.

The party returns once again to Iskaldur with the evidence and tell him everything that has happened. Iskaldur is concerned with what will become of Tyrrol next, and assign the party the duty of keeping an eye out for him. They come up with the plan of attempting to prove to the Wyld Hunt that Tyrrol was the “Anathema” the entire time, and is the true monster that should be hunted down and destroyed.

With this evidence in his hands, Iskaldur advises the party that he can now release Ghost into their care, and that the Dragonblood will be their responsibility from this point onward.

Session 4. The Four

Though the Snake that Ate the Moon has told the party all he knows as they requested, and promised to teach them sweet forbidden Necromancy and provide detailed maps of the Underworld, Pasha Sethos is not moved and Chenzira does not trust his slippery forked tongue. They refuse to offer him sanctuary and cast him out into the desert, alone, to face the wrath of his Master.

In defeat he turns to the unforgiving expanse of the desert as the dry winds whip his ebony tresses in a dramatic fashion. The unforgiving light beats down on his pale, beautiful skin, already burning it as he walks slowly off to face his exile. Could this mysterious, tortured man have become a worthy Ally in time? Could he have been saved from his own darkness, and led back to the embrace of the Unconquered Sun? The party will now never know, and they must live with the burden of this sin and all of the consequences thier choice brings.

After cruelly watching the death knight wander off alone into the sands, the party then returns to speak once more to the Crowfather, who surrenders the Amulet of Lost Souls as promised. He asks to speak to Nekhbet alone and requests that she leave the Rookery to travel with the others. She recognizes his behavior; he is kicking her out of the nest. She agrees and lets the others know she will be departing with them.

After returning to Chiaroscuro, the adventurers travel back to Grandmother Bright to complete thier end of the bargain. They return the amulet to her and she advises them that though she cannot directly answer the question they came to her with, if they investigate Sethos’ enemy Sharak Tyrrol then they will come upon the answers they seek.

Still disappointed at losing the chance at learning Necromancy, Shimmering Mirage requests that before investigations begin they go explore Sethos’ tomb where he Exalted, as he had mentioned it had First Age writings within it. Curious to see how the excavation is proceeding, Sethos agrees and contracts Sand Captain Tolbek to take the party to the location. Tolbek readily welcomed the work, explaining that due to Realm interference with high levies on exported goods, his own business was suffering.

After arriving to the excavation site, the party travels to Sethos’ tomb. It appears to be exactly as he left it, but Mirage notices a hidden door. They manage to get it open and also discover that it has traps guarding the passageway beyond. They survive/deal with the traps and come to a large central tomb that is dedicated to “The Four”, with statue monuments to unknown figures set in each direction that guard a door and passageway similar to the one they just came down from.

They choose to first attempt to enter the passageway for the burial chamber of “Cataclysm”, but find it to be caved in with rocks and decide to return later. They choose next to attempt to enter the chamber marked by the moonsilver plaque and statue of “Finality”. The are able to travel the passageway without harm from the traps. The walls tell the tale of the Finality’s deeds during the First Age. At the end of the passageway is a burial chamber and within they find a sarcophagus, with Mirage opens. Inside is a remains of a figure wearing moonsilver armor, which the Lunar attempts to take – awakening the hungry ghost, which sees her scythe and immediately attacks her, trying to grab it from her.

The party fights the ghost of the First Age Lunar, though it proves to be an incredible challenge. They are victorious, but exhausted. However, they decide to press on and once more return to Cataclysm’s chamber. Chenzira is able to clear the way while the others rest, and at the end of the passageway another sarcophagus is found. Chenzira opens it, but this time Nekhbet lays the spirit within to rest. Chenzira obtains a massive sword and armor.

The last chamber they visit is that of the “Scourge of Cynthia”, and from the sarcophagus Nekhbet finds armor and two flame wands. She is once again able to lay the spirit to rest before it attacks her.

Having visited all the burial chambers, Sethos pieces together clues from each room that there is something that the middle chamber is protecting as well. The party returns to the center and manages to activate another trap, this time causing the four giant statues that guard each chamber to come alive and attack them. Though they all fight valiantly, it is Chenzira who deals out the most destruction with her impressive new blade. The statues are defeated – though Chenzira is saddened by this, as they were very beautiful – and in the center of the chamber a chest is now revealed. The party opens it and finds four bridles and a magitech disc that plays a recorded image. It is a Sidereal who speaks about the Four and how they defied the Deliberative, and that he regrets that they had to be hunted down and put to rest here. It was noted that when an image of the Deliberative was shown, in the Lunar section was a man fitting Ghost’s description.

Shimmerage Mirage realizes of all the First Age Lunars still alive, the most likely person for him to be is Tamuz, and shares this revelation with the party. However, she is reluctant to speak about him, both from fear of him and from not wanting to reveal the Lunar’s Thousands Streams River Project to the three Solars. She advises they cannot be certain it is even really him, and it would be best to avoid dealings with him if possible. Sethos realizes she is not telling them the entire truth but does not press her.

Uncertain what to do with the bridles, the party returns to the surface to find four supernatural steeds waiting. Shimmering Mirage greets hers, named Despair, and he remarks how they have all changed. Chenzira has to prove her dominance to her own warsteed, but the others readily accept their masters. Despair advises they can be summoned with the bridles and do not have to be kept like normal horses. The party decides to race their horses and then return with Tolbek to Chiaroscuro. On the way back, Tolbek and Chenzira get to know each other VERY WELL, INDEED.

Immediately when they get back, Sethos receives an urgent summons from his friend Ragara Hitoshi, asking they meet in private as soon as possible. Sethos invites him to his residence, and Shimmering Mirage spies upon them as a cat. Hitoshi reveals that someone has forged his signature and sent for a Wyld Hunt to come to Chiaroscuro. He offers whatever aid he can to Sethos, and lets him know he informed him as soon as he found out. Shimmering Mirage, still a cat, bites him in outrage. He kicks her away but she transforms back into her human form and threatens him with her scythe, but Sethos orders her to back down, which she reluctantly obeys. Sethos reassures his friend that he does not blame him and that he will deal with the issue.

Sethos and Mirage go to inform the others, and they determine they have several months to prepare for the Wyld Hunt’s arrival. In the meantime, Sethos wants to continue investigations into his rival due to Grandmother Bright’s information. Sethos makes subtle inquiries around town and Mirage goes to spy on Tyrrol’s household. A certain hooded person seems to visit regularly, but always seems to vanish into the shadows when she attempts to follow him. Sethos learns that Tyrrol has involvement in many shady things, but has no solid evidence against him.

The party decides to go question Ghost further and see if he can provide any more information or insight into what they have learned, and perhaps to gain his aid against the Wyld Hunt.

Ghost is miserable in his cell, wanting to die as usual. He feels useless as prisoner and once again insists that it would have been more merciful to let him die that to be kept captive. Sethos reminds him of his promise, and they share the information they learned from their investigations. Ghost recognizes the figure that Mirage saw, and gives them the location he stays at in the most dangerous part of Chiaroscuro. The party then asks if he would fight at their side against the Wyld Hunt. He agrees – anything to have a purpose again – if they can release him from his cell.

Magically, Iskaldur shows up, wondering what business the party had with the prisoner. Sethos tells him everything – that there is a Wyld Hunt on the way, that Tyrrol was somehow most likely involved in the assassination attempt, and they want to take Ghost into their custody. Iskaldur advises that he would need proof in order to lay the blame on Tyrrol, and he cannot so easily release an assassin sent after the Tri-Khan. However, he says, if proof of Tyrrol’s involvement COULD be obtained, then an exchange could perhaps be arranged. The party agrees to this and makes plans to journey to the part of Chiaroscuro that Ghost indicated the mysterious hooded figure was currently dwelling.

Session 3: The Crowfather

The adventurers make their way to see Grandmother Bright. They enter The Plaza and are invited to see her. There is something eerie around her – she appears as something supernatural that is simply wearing the shape of an elderly woman that doesn’t fit quite right. In the deep crevices and folds of her wrinkled skin, unnatural light shines though. Shimmering Mirage presents her with a trinket she had made as a gift in exchange for information.

Grandmother Bright listens, but seems tense when the description of the man who hired Ghost is given. She says she cannot directly reveal who the man is, but for a greater payment she can give information on Sethos’ rival that will lead the party to the information they seek. When asked for what they payment is, Grandmother Bright directs the party to seek out The Crowfather and asks they retrieve an item called The Amulet of Lost Souls from him. Everyone agrees, and makes arrangement to travel by caravan to the Crowfather’s home in the desert called “The Rookery.”

As they travel closer to the Rookery, the white of the sand turns into bones and soon the adventurers come upon the crow-infested domain. Shimmering Mirage attempts to greet the crows and they all greet her at once with a thousand screams saying hello.

Within the Rookery, the Crowfather anticipates the arrival of the party by consulting with his servant, Nekhbet the Creatrix, who is a Zenith Exalt of the Unconquered Sun and Nekhbet’s raiton familiar Muu. He asks her to go escort the others inside and to protect him. She meets the party at the gates and brings them inside. They try to bargain with the Crowfather and he immediately knows that Grandmother Bright sent them, and refuses to relinquish his treasure, which he wears around his neck and guards closely. He insists he won it fair and square and that she can’t have it back. When Sethos insist on arranging a trade, the Crowfather advises that he will only give it up if the party agrees to travel to the Underworld and create a Shadowland near the Rookery. The party refuses, and demands he ask something else in trade. The Crowfather says he will consider their request over night and dismisses them, but leaves Nekhbet to watch over them.

When alone with Nekhbet in the decrepit room they are given, Shimmering Mirage challenges her to a duel. When they fight, Nekbhet’s caste mark is revealed and Mirage immediately drops her weapon and surrenders, but lectures her on how shameful it is for a Solar to be a mere servant to a spirit. The group’s conversation with Nekhbet is interrupted when the Crowfather bursts in and says he will hand over the amulet if the party takes care of the “visitors” who are now advancing at the gate. Everyone agrees and goes out to defend the Rookery.

A death knight is marching up to the gates with his Nemissary servants and demands to speak with the Crowfather. He reveals that the Crowfather has been dealing with the Underworld and that gifts have been bestowed upon him in order to secure his cooperation, but the deathlord is tired of waiting and demands the Crowfather make his decision. The party informs the death knight that the Crowfather’s answer is “no” and engage in combat with him and his minions.

Nekhbet defeats the death knight herself, and the others vanquish his Nemessaries. As the death night lay with his throat slashed open they make an Unbreakable Vow with him that they will spare his life if he tells them all he knows. Part of the pact includes that he cannot harm them, and they cannot harm him. He agrees and they heal his wound. He reveals his name is The Snake Who Ate the Moon, and he and five others like him serve his deathlord. Shimmering Mirage is very disconcerted to see he has a bleeding caste mark that is very similar to Sethos’ own, as well as similar powers that also mirror his, but darker. The death knight doesn’t know why or how he was made, he exists to serve his deathlord. His deathlord wanted to seal an alliance with the Crowfather and use the Rookery to have access to the world above.

The death knight admits that if he returns to his master in defeat, the punishment will be severe. He offers to teach Necromancy to Nekhbet and Shimmering Mirage, and provide maps of the Underworld to Sethos if they will all promise to protect him from his deathlord’s retribution and give him access to a Shadowland as necessary. Sethos and Chenzira do not trust him or like this idea at all. They decide to all think about it more before making a final decision.

As they rest and deliberate what to do with the death knight, Shimmering Mirage sends an urgent message to the Silver Pact asking for their counsel, advising them of the death knight’s presence and seeking insight as to what he is.

Session 2: The Masquerade

The party decides to attend the upcoming masquerade ball as the best way to monitor Semanos and decide to survey the venue on the pretense that they do not wish their costumes to clash with the decor. On the way they encounter Captain Draigos, who takes an immediate disliking to them. However, they are allowed through and take note of the surroundings. Shimmering Mirage returns later in cat form to scout out and make note of the surrounding servant’s passages.

Sethos then goes on a hunt for a grand costume, enlisting the aid of his contact Sand-Captain Tolbek to commission authentic garments. Shimmering Mirage decides to go in disguise as a hawk to go along with Sethos’ theme, and Chenzira is outfitted with a belly-dancer’s costume as the companion Sethos is escorting.

Upon arriving at the ball, Sethos blends in perfectly, at ease in the crowd. Everyone is on lookout, and they all go to greet Semanos and his fiance Nemanu. Though Semanos greets them and is friendly, his bride is silent and it seems that something is wrong with her. Semanos apologizes on her behalf, and indicates that she has not been feeling well. Also during this time, Shimmering Mirage notices a figure, cloaked with a special form of sorcery, entering the ballroom behind Sethos’ hated rival, Sharak Tyrrol. As they depart Semanos and Nemanu, Shimemring Mirage, still in bird form, indicates they should speak privately by biting Sethos on the ear.

In a private alcove, Shimmering Mirage advises that she thinks Nemanu may be under the influence of sorcery. It is then that screams from the main ballroom begin. Transforming into warfrom, Shimmering Mirage runs in with her scythe and sees the cloaked figure casting something. On the throne where Semanos was seated, Nemanu has straddled him and appeares to be attempting to strangle him to death. Shimmering Mirage immediately casts Emerald Countermagic, which shatters the windows within the ballroom and knocks almost everyone else to the ground, but it also cancels the spell on Nemanu. She then leaps to attacked the cloaked figure.

As Mirage and the sorcerer fight, Sethos and Chenzira run back into the ballroom, but cannot see what Shimmering Mirage is attacking, since they do not possess the same cat’s eye sight as her. Sethos attempts to calm the panicked crowd. Shimmering Mirage breaks the invisibility spell on the sorcerer, but he manages to escape, flying out through a broken window. Mirage turns into bird form and chases after him along with Chenzira, who grabs Mirage’s scythe and leaps out the window after them, jumping from balcony to balcony on the way down. The sorcerer’s fall is aided by a wind spell, and Mirage turns back into warfrom to land straight on top of him. Chenzira throws Shimmering Mirage her scythe, which somehow she catches, and Mirage then cuts off one of the sorcerer’s legs. As they land, her mole-hound Chigaru is waiting and the Tri’Khan’s guard begins to show up. Mirages escapes in bird form to evade questioning and Chenzira keeps the wounded sorcerer from trying to flee.

Sethos and Chenzira are then taking in for questioning, as Captain Draigos blames them for everything. Chenzira offers little information other than the invitations looked official and pretty looking, and when Sethos is questioned he eventually reveals that it was Ahmet who enlisted his aid, which causes Captain Draigos to immediately close the investigation. Sethos decides the time is ripe to flirt shamelessly with her and invite her for a drink, which she helps because he is so beautiful and charismatic she cannot help herself despite her reservations about him. He and Chenzira then go free.

They return to Sethos’ tower residence where Shimmering Mirage had retreated. As they speak about what happened, and what to do next, Mirage thinks she hears something in the next room. She goes to investigate and sees Ahmet sitting calmly inside. She slams the door and locks herself in with him and begins to shout at him, questioning who and what he is, which alerts Chenzira and Sethos. They pound on the door demanding to be let in but Mirage ignores him because she is intent on trying to bully and interrogate Ahmet. He reveals little to her and she relents and lets the others in before they break down the door.

Ahmet reveals that the “group” he is a part of is the Tri-Khan’s secret police, as they may have suspected when his name cleared them during Captain Draigos’ interrogations. He gives them special insignias to mark them as part of the organization, which gives them some influence and power within the city. Sethos requests to be allowed to speak to the sorcerer, who has been taken prisoner, for more information as to who orchestrated the assassination plot. Ahmet agrees, and takes them to the Chiaroscuro dungeons and torture chambers, where the prisoner has been tortured but has so far refused to speak.

They all speak to the sorcerer, who is an air-aspected Dragonblooded and Sethos’ abilities soon wear down his resistance. He reluctantly reveals that his name is Ghost, and he was part of The Order of the Crimson Amaranth, a brotherhood of assassins and now that he has failed at his purpose in life, death is the only option for him. They question him further and it is discovered he was raised within the order from birth, and knows no way of life other than it, and does not even know how to act like a “proper” Dragonblooded. Though Mirage despises his kind her compassion overcomes her stony heart and she gruffly restores the limb she had previously severed from him. Again he is convinced to cooperate and promises loyalty for a period of 42 years. After the 42 years expires, if he cannot be convinced he still has a purpose in life, he will be allowed to take his own life if he wishes. He shares all the information he knows, giving the description of the one who contracted him: a man with a strange, ancient way of speaking and very old armor, though he did not know his name.

Ahmet advises that Ghost will no longer be tortured but will be kept in the prison for the meantime; the companions discuss what to do next and decide that they will go to Grandmother Bright and see if she can provide any information as to who the man Ghost described is.

Session 1: Welcome to Chiaroscuro

The political climate of Chiaroscuro is charged with talk of change. Though Yejouj Khan, the Tri-Khan, is a beloved ruler of his people, his son Semanos Khan is considered a peacock who is too concerned with the arts and not skilled enough in politics to be a capable, strong leader. His recent betrothal to an outsider, Nemanu Vior, a warrior princess from Kirighast, has caused further division within the city.

However, that is not the only major change to effect Chiaroscuro. The rise and Exaltation of Sethos the Gilded Lotus has attracted the notice of several eyes. Obtaining the rank of the pasha, there are whispers that he is the Kha-Khan reborn. He has been protected from investigation from the Realm by having Ragara Hitoshi, the local representative, as a firm ally on his side.

The adventure opens when Sethos is approached by Ahmet Iskaldur with an offer to work with “a group interested in protecting the Tri-Khan” involving a matter of national security. Being a loyal nationalist, Sethos accepts and learns that there is a plot to possibly assassinate Semanos during an upcoming ball. Sethos is given the name of several other individuals with differing skills who may be able to assist him with his duty of discovering more of the plot and subverting it.

The first name given to him is that of Chenzira, the Blade of Circla. A gladiator of great renown, she is in the city as part of the Guild’s sponsored games that are travelling throughout the southern region. Though she is rumored to be an Anathema, Sethos decides to go watch the games and decide for himself. He is doubtful when he sees her weapons painted to look like fake orichalchum and even a caste mark painted on her face, but after soundly defeating her opponents he notices an actual caste mark glowing over her brow. He decides to make inquiries on what it would take to purchase her from the family that “owns” her.

The second name given is that of Shimmering Mirage, a former nomad who has taken up residence in the city to peddle her wares – potions, trinkets, and other items of a mystical nature. When she arrives at Sethos’ glass tower residence at his invitation she seems stunned by his presence, and reveals herself to be a Lunar Exalt. She then claims she is his “steward”, and has several strong opinions on what he is, and what his destiny is. She agrees to aid him and begins to follow him around with her massive scythe despite his reservations at her always carrying such a weapon so openly (though she does use it to display her wares, and often keeps it wrapped and dangling with trinkets).

Sethos’ inquiries into purchasing Chenzira return, and the price is too high for even him to afford. Instead of purchasing her, he decides to approach the matter another way and he and Shimmering Mirage arrange to meet with her. He pays for her to arrive at his residence and spar. As they spar, Sethos reveals to Chenzira that he is one of the “Anathema” the same as her. Shimmering Mirage drugs the attendants that accompany her so that they all can speak in private. Sethos convinces Chenzira that although she enjoys a life of relative luxury, she is a slave who has more than earned back what she is worth, and could have so much more as a freed woman.

Sethos, Shimmering Mirage, and Chenzira meet with a Circla family representative after Sethos presents numbers indicating Chenzira’s worth and true earnings, and Chenzira informs the representative that she is now a free woman. Unsure what else to do with her newfound freedom, Chenzira agrees to work with Sethos. Her loyal eight-tailed mole hound and some of her followers accompany her as well.


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