The Empress is gone. The Bull of the North has thrown back the Tepet Legions, and the Mask of Winters has led an army of the dead out of the Underworld and conquered Thorns. The Solar Exalted have returned, and the world is in chaos.

In the heart of the Delzahn empire, Chiaroscuro stands as beleaguered testament of more than two thousand years of strife and struggle. Its gleaming glass towers still stab into the sky, reflecting the once-proud glory of a First Age city that has seen devastation again and again. Mercantile heart of the South, Chiaroscuro’s freedom is sharply limited by the presence of Realm troops, but that may all be beginning to change…

Exalted 2nd ed  the south by udon crew

Shadowy forces move in the streets of Chiaroscuro, and knives in the dark may be only the beginning. An assassination attempt on the heir to the Delzahn may be the spark that sets off a chain of explosions, the repercussions of which could reverberate through the entire South. As the agents of the Tri-Khan struggle to unweave the tangled webs of lies, alliances, and long-dead secrets, they will be forced to face the ghosts of their own pasts… sometimes literally.

Exalted South: Crimson Sands

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