The Ruins of Al'Kahesh

Water Manse ●


The Ruins of Al’Kahesh were once the home of a Shogunate-era Water-aspected sorcerer who got tired of the ebb and flow of the tides and left his manse to the depredations of time. Now inhabited by Kamineh, the manse serves as her home and seclusiam. It consists of a ring of standing stones, once part of a superterranean manse. Now, the majority of the manse is below the level of the water, with glass windows peering out into the Chiaroscuro bay wildlife. The manse is protected by a… creature… utterly loyal to the manse, a creature that also performs the monthly rituals to mop up the water and debris that washes into the manse from the occasional high tide.

Game Effects: (Manse’s rating of 1) x2 +2 Maintenance (cleaning up water) +1 Fragility (The glass panels beneath the water offer vulnerable points) = 5 Creation Points. The Ruins of Al’Kahesh still have a spirit-like being (Bound Servitor 2) to protect them, which itself can spot intruders with a keen eye (Eyeless Sight of Danaa’d 2). [Magical Conveniences] make the ruins an otherwise perfectly tolerable place to spend one’s time.

The Ruins of Al'Kahesh

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