1. Session 1 – Welcome to Chiaroscuro
2. Session 2 – The Masquerade
3. Session 3 – The Crowfather
4. Session 4 – The Four
5. Session 5 – Justice


1. The Oath of the Snake and the Crow – The Snake that Ate the Moon swears not to kill the party for a year and a day unless in self defense, and Nekhbet, Shimmering Mirage, Sethos, and Chenzira all swear not to kill the Snake that Ate the Moon for a year and a day unless in self defense.
2. The Oath of the Ghost – Ghost swears to serve the party loyally for forty-seven years and to not kill himself during this time. At the end of this servitude, he will be released to do as he pleases, and if he chooses to kill himself, the party will not interfere.


Journal of Shimmering Mirage
1. Entry One – Chosen of Luna
2. Entry Two – Letter to the Silver Pact
3. Entry Three – Bonds


1. The Dream of Dreadful Wrath
2. The Dream of Cataclysm
3. The Dream of the Scourge of Cythia
4. The Dream of Finality
5. The Dream of the Four
6. The Dream of the End
7. The Dream of Lytek

First Age Characters
1. Cataclysm
2. Dreadful Wrath
3. The Scourge of Cythia
4. Finality

The Snake that Ate the Moon

1. Interlude
2. Welcome to the Family

The Unrepentant Sovereign of Murder

1. Awakening
2. Bloody Murder

The Strider of the Ebon Sarcophagus

The Pharaoh’s Army

The army of the Strider of the Ebon Sarcophagus is a horrid thing, mostly made of the dead, but with some living and some “special” monstrosities included. All told, it numbers more than seventeen thousand strong, a force which, he hopes, will overwhelm the defenders of Chiaroscuro.

The Rank-and-File
The Licheguard
Spine Chains
Arm Spiders
Vicious Betrayal
The Cryptguard
War Sphinxes
Traitor Delzahn


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