Character Creation

We’ll be starting as Half-Castes, following some modified character generation rules from the Scroll of Heroes. Characters are half-castes of whomever their parent is (you are not obligated to play the same gender as previous character, nor are you required to play your character’s offspring/clone/demon baby/whatever).

Attributes: 8/6/4

Abilities: Two Favored
Bureaucracy, Presence, or Socialize 1; Lore 2; Occult 2; Ride or Sail 1; Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, or Thrown 2; Resistance 1 for free
25 dots; no Ability can be rated higher than Favored

Backgrounds: 12 dots, chosen from the list in Scroll of Heroes
Cult 1 and Manse 1 for free

Virtues: 6 dots

Essence: Begins at 2

Archetype: If you meet Archetype requirements as described in early chapter of Scroll of Heroes, then you gain those benefits

Bonus Points: 25; costs as listed in Scroll of Heroes

Character Creation

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