Resplendent Lotus

This prestigious martial arts school is located in New Chiaroscuro. The school is a collection of well-made Second Age buildings surrounding a central courtyard. Founded years ago by the Zenith sifu Bel-Samu, he chose the location for several reason. The most obvious is accessibility, as anybody is free to come and go within this section of the city. Bel-Samu was not Delzahn himself and he wished to allow anybody the ability to study. The less obvious is found underneath the school itself in the form of a First Age solar tomb. This small manse (Solar 2) was damaged for centuries and only repaired after the new Exalted Deliberative was formed.

Sifu: Bel-Samu
Notable Students: Arunika, ?? (son of Ragara Hitoshi)



Resplendent Lotus

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