768 – “Present Day” for standard Exalted.

770 – Strider of the Ebon Sarcophagus attempts to attack Chiaroscuro but is defeated by the reincarnated Riders. Mongoose is born.

774 – Return of the Scarlet Empress Act One. Yozi espionage spreads throughout the South, causing Realm control to expand. The Scarlet Empress activates the Sword of Creation and obliterates Lookshy.

776 – Return of the Scarlet Empress Act Two. Chejop Kejak is slain during the Lotus Massacre. The Yellow River dam is sabotaged and causes mass flooding in the Scavenger Lands. The Night Desert Horde attacks Paragon but is repelled. Tamas Khan returns but is found to be a fake during the Night of Silver Blades.

778 – The Ebon Dragon’s plan to escape Malfeas is thwarted when the Scarlet Empress is slain. The Third Age begins.

780 – Hostilities between Mnemon and the Roseblack begin on The Blessed Isle.

782 – A new Exalted Deliberative is founded in Chiaroscuro.

784 – Ma-Ha-Suchi spurns the Deliberative and leads his rapacious beastmen in sacking city after city.

796 – A new Deathlord rises in the North, leading armies of the frozen dead against Whitewall.

797 – Rumors of strange metal men leading bands of alien warriors begin in the deep South.

798 – Present Day


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